Blackjack Switch Technique

There's a little known technique in blackjack that can occasionally allow a player to turn two mediocre hands into two great hands. This technique is known as the blackjack switch and can only be used at select online casinos when playing with two hands per deal.

How it Works

The blackjack switch comes into play when two hands are in play at once. The bets placed on each must be equal or the switch cannot be used. Then, after the two pairs are dealt, the player can choose to swap the top two cards between their hands. That is, if they player wants, the second card in one hand can be switched with the second card in the other hand, giving the player either one or two better hands to play

When to Use It

Players can use this to maximize a strong hand and hopefully play out a weaker hand. For instance, if the player is dealt a ten and a two in one hand and a four and a nine in the other, the player can switch the two and the nine. That turns a twelve in one hand and a thirteen in another into a nineteen and six. The player can then stand on the nineteen while playing out the six to get a hopefully better score.

Players should use the switch technique carefully and only use it to create the best total hands. If the switch results in only marginally better hands, it's probably best to just play the game through the traditional way.