Blackjack Step By Step

With so much attention focused on blackjack in the media and in the movies, more and more people are interested in learning to play like pros. This guide will provide aspiring players with four simple steps to follow in order to become an expert blackjack player.

Step #1 - Placing the Bet

The first thing players should know about blackjack is a bet is always placed before any cards are dealt. If playing online, this means clicking the correct chip and placing it in the corresponding location. When playing in a casino, players should move the chip to the correct location on the table. If side bets are also being placed, there are secondary places where the chips for these should go.

Step #2 - The First Two Cards

The second step in blackjack is the initial two-card deal. Depending upon the variant of the game being played, these cards may be dealt face-up, face-down or a combination of the two. When playing online, players will be required to click the 'deal' button to proceed, though bricks and mortar casino dealers will go at their own pace.

Step #3 - Stand or Hit

The third crucial step to playing blackjack like a pro is knowing when to stand and when to take another card. Since the goal of the game is to beat the dealer with a hand of 21 or as close to 21 as possible without busting--or going over 21--the player should hit if they feel they need a higher hand total. Some game rules force the player and the dealer to hit on anything less than 17, however.

Step #4 - The Win and Payout

The last step in playing a successful game of blackjack involves beating the dealer and collecting winnings. Though there is little for the player to do in this process, it helps to understand the pay scale. A winning player is paid out at a rate of two to one; side bets are paid out separately according to the house rules.

In a nutshell, blackjack is a relatively simple game to play but a difficult game to master. People who are interested in getting started should follow these four steps precisely for the best outcome.