Backgammon Tournaments at Bwin Take The Excitement Levels To Unprecedented Heights!

Backgammon, as a game, had become so huge by the year 1967, that the first world championship was held in Las Vegas. The lucky player to take home the winners prize was Tim Holland. This championship moved to Bahamas in the year 1976 and remained there until 1978. While the Bahamas championship was attended by the Americans, there was a European Championship in Monte Carlo attended by Europeans. Later both of them were combined and Monte Carlo became the hub for World Backgammon Championship, and to this day hundreds of players take part in these tournaments for a whole week of exciting backgammon games.

When the game was introduced online, the tournaments did not take time in getting online too, and millions of people from around the world take part in these tournaments held at Bwin, the largest online gaming site. These tournaments are held around the clock and with so much variety, every player can find a tournament to suit their level of skill and budget.

Excepting the freeroll tournaments, players will have to buy-in to be part of a tournament. This can be in the form of tickets or a fixed sum.

Bwin is a highly reputed betting site and casino online where thousands of players look for a seat on these backgammon tournaments, which are known to be interesting with big wins. The tournaments offered by Bwin are of two types: the scheduled and the Sit & Go tournaments.

A Sit & Go tournament is one where the number of players is pre-determined and once the fixed number of players is registered, the tournament begins. In contrast, a scheduled tournament is fixed to start at a particular time, and it starts at that pre-determined time, irrespective of the number of players that register. The scheduled tournaments are known to take the prize pool higher with the higher number of players participating,

Bwin holds one other type of tournament called the Knock-out tournament, where there are several rounds and a single match is played in each round. The player who wins goes on to play in the next round. This means, the number of participants are reduced as the match progresses, and then the final match is played, where the winner of the tournament is declared. The beauty of this tournament is that there are a number of prizes to be won, making it one of the most sought after tournaments at Bwin.

With so many tournaments available at Bwin, there is no dearth of competitive backgammon where big cash prizes are won by hundreds of people on a daily basis. Their prize pools are also very big and appeal to players from all parts of the world.